Mangalitsa Lard


I may not know you, but I know you aren’t eating enough lard. You’ve heard it’s healthy again (it never wasn’t healthy), but it might feel a bit mysterious, even a little sinful. It’s not.
Your grandparents cooked with lard, and so did their grandparents. They didn’t know it was high in vitamin D, with 20 percent less saturated fat than butter and no trans fats. All they knew is what you are about to discover – that lard is a joy to cook with. It makes flaky things flakier and crispy things crispier. It doesn’t leave a ‘porky’ flavor, but will add deep rich notes of satisfaction to whatever you are cooking. Use this instead of butter or (God forbid!) vegetable oils.
Our lard was born here, lived a good life, and was lovingly rendered and canned here for you. You can buy a half-quart, but you’re just going to regret not getting a full quart.

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