Pastured Eggs

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Thrivestock Ranch is excited to provide Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Corn-Free and Soy-Free eggs to the Frisco Pick up Location!

Pick up is at a Private Residence near Eldorado and Preston in Frisco (Near Warren Sports Complex). Address will be provided after your order has been submitted. All orders will need to be picked up within 72 hours of being placed. Please message us if you need to make a plan for more time.

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5 reviews for Pastured Eggs

  1. Kelly

    Yum! Delicious and adorable!! Our family’s favorite eggs. They are also so easy to pick up. Eggcellent!

  2. Krystle B

    These aren’t much smaller than the medium eggs you get at the grocery store. Taste and color are great – I feel like these actually made a creamier omelette. And I had a surprise double yolk in one container. Will be buying again.

  3. Cindy McPherson

    These eggs are so much better tasting than any other eggs I have had!

  4. Casandra Brown

    Omg Eggs
    Great taste , color , and the texture is just right , as eggs should be . I enjoyed every bite , highly recommended

  5. The Silva Family

    Pullet eggs, the first eggs produced by young egg-laying hens, may not be appreciated by everyone due to their small size. However, among chefs and egg connoisseurs, these eggs are highly prized for their unique creaminess.

    Recently, Thrivestock offered us some pasture-raised pullet eggs at an astounding price and we were pleasantly surprised by their quality, taste, and affordability. The texture of pullet eggs is what sets them apart; they have a smoother and silkier consistency compared to regular-sized eggs. This creaminess adds a luxurious element to any dish or recipe they are used in. Chefs often prefer pullet eggs for their ability to create a velvety texture, especially in delicate and refined desserts like custards or soufflés.

In terms of taste, pullet eggs in general offer a more concentrated flavor compared to their full-sized counterparts. The yolks are richer and more vibrant, making them ideal for recipes that require a bold and distinct taste. Combine that with the pasture-raised aspect where the chickens are allowed to eat their natural diet, free of GMO feed, and Thrivestock’s pullet eggs were nothing less than little miracles of culinary flavor!

    They were cost-efficient too, as the size of the eggs when fried was little different from what you get with a regular-sized egg. I could say that we really got a lot for what we paid for, if you factor in the more vibrant taste and the subtle size difference.

    Ironically, the only real downside is that 
pullet eggs will not be an option forever as the hens continue to mature. They really are a rare treat with their creaminess, concentrated flavor, and affordability, make them a distinct choice for any culinary enthusiast. If you ever have the privilege to pick up some of Thrivestock’s amazing pullet eggs, please don’t hesitate, they are amazing!

    (And since they sell out within minutes, I am not alone in saying that!)

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