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Made right here on the Ranch, we keep This Little Piggy Bar Soap nice and simple. With just 3 ingredients – our lovingly rendered lard, mixed with lye and some good-smelling essential oils – our soap retains all of the vitamins and glycerin needed to keep your skin naturally moisturized and healthy. Factory soaps don’t do this.

In fact, most bar “soaps” sold in stores are actually detergents. Detergents are great for cars, but terrible for people. Funny story; factory soaps remove glycerin, which means your skin gets dry. Then, those same guys sell you lotions and moisturizers with the glycerin added back. You have to admire their hutzpah!

Instead, we keep it simple and make soaps that clean and heal and won’t leave you dry.

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Weight 4 oz

Orange Rosewood, Lavender Bergmot


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