Pastured Pork

Some people say that the pure-bred Mangalitsa is the Kobe beef of pork, but we believe that Kobe is actually the Mangalitsa of beef.
Unlike the “pork” you find in your typical grocery store, the Mangalitsa was originally bred in Hungary to provide beautifully marbled meat that actually tastes like pork. This is not some other white meat, from some poor animal that never saw the sun, but is rich and deep red, with a taste so satisfying that it is hard to describe.

Our pigs spend their happy days helping manage the ranch by rooting around for something good to eat and showing off their thick curly coats. They’ve never been given hormones, or antibiotics. They’ve never even been indoors! They are as close to natural as you will ever find.

And every so often, one of them leaves and is never seen again, but the less said about that the better.

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