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If you’re in the neighborhood (~100 Miles of Dallas/Fort Worth Texas) and would like to purchase a whole or half pig, I will give you a discount over what it would cost to purchase the equivalent in individual cuts.

Many places charge based on hanging weight; I’ve never liked that model. Instead we charge based on final weight of the meat you are getting. This way you are not paying for any processing inefficiencies or errors, and you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying per pound.

The purchase options are for a deposit to secure the next pig. Once the pig is processed, the meat will be weighed and you will pay the remaining balance, less the deposit. Take a look at the pictures for an idea of how much room this will take up in your freezer, and what the individual cuts will be.

A whole pig typically provides about 120 pounds of delicious pork. No surprise, it’s 60 pounds for a half pig. Today’s discounted price is $11 per pound of our rich and beautiful Mangalitsa pork.




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Whole Pig, Half Pig

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  1. Dean Gores

    The pork I received from Thrivestock was absolutely delicious. I had literally good gut feelings when eating the meat. My body knew I was eating wholesome. It had better flavor than grass fed beef. I got a ton of tender steaks in my hole pig order.

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